Why This Website

This will be a historic election if for no other reason than that it will give us a choice between two candidates with the highest unfavorable ratings of any major party nominees … ever!

I am asked, repeatedly, who I am voting for … Hillary or Clinton? To me, that binary question is akin to “Would you rather contract the mumps or the measles?”

Both Trump and Clinton are uniquely detestable candidates. Against someone even marginally favorable, either one would lose horribly. But, barring a divine intervention, one of them will be elected our president.

My “progressive” friends tell me that not voting for Clinton is a vote for Trump.  Ironically, my “conservative” friends insist that not voting for Trump, is a vote for Clinton. Of course, neither is true. But this does not stop some of those same friends from challenging my motivation, my patriotism, and sometimes even my salvation!

I have no interest in challenging others here. If someone sits down and compares all of this election’s options and comes up with a totally different conclusion than I … then I fully support them in their right to make that voting decision.

No, this website was not designed to denigrate others who disagree with my positions. Rather, it is simply my personal answer to the charges and accusations lobbied against me and other #NoneOfTheabove voters.

It is my sincerest hope that every eligible voter will consider all of the candidates, positions, options and repercussions before entering the voting booth on November 8th!


George Lawson
A Concerned Voter